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Come one, come all, to hetalia-world this is a club of Hetalia lovers, love or like Hetalia? Enjoy talking about the world and it's events? Like to make friends? Well come on in! Don't be shy!

:earth:About Art/Submissions:…:
:earth:World Events Journal:…:
:earth:Hetalia News:…:
:earth:Other Information:…:

have any questions? just ask

:iconchibienglandplz: Admins :iconchibifranceplz:
:earth:if you want to be a moderater just send me a note, the more to help the better

Now let's introduce ourselves:

:earth:This club is an Axis Powers Hetalia fan club with multi-purpose. If you don't know what Axis Powers Hetalia is, it's a web-comic turned anime by Himaruya Hidekazu, centering around nations of the world mainly in the WW2 era, personified as humans.
If you wish to know more, you can read about it on wikipedia, etc.
You can also find more information about the club in links above.

:earth:I want members to be like close friends all around the world so I'll tell you about myself (I recommend you other admins to do this)

:earth:I am Maniac-fangirl maniac-fangirl the founder of this club
To most I'm just known as Maniac, I could also be called Luke if you desire. My real name is not Luke btw XD and don't guess, I don't like my real name to be out in the public like that. I am female. My favorite character in Hetalia is Germany (Ludwig). I am really young ftw! guess my age XD. I live in the United States America, yes I do live in that idiot XD. I love to over think things, and rant, don't try me. I have an older sister Becca-chan873 she isn't an official admin, but I might convince her to come by every once in a while. I'm a student, so I won't be on that often during weekdays, but expect me on a lot on vacations and weekends. I can't spell for crap. My drawing sucks compared to my other admins XD. I like being casual, so if I treat you with disrespect, I'm sorry. Want more info just ask me on my main account XD
:earth:I am ParanoiaAmplifiers. I applied to clean this club up and become an admin. I'm quite formal, a (slack-off, I'm so sorry) mod for APHetalia-Club and a member of few others. My favorite nations of Hetalia would be Germany, Prussia, Austria, and Sweden.
I'm a writer/artist in constant (but so gradual) progress, so if you want to know us personally, you might want to check out my compositions or non-Hetalia art.
I love to talk on Yahoo, just ask.
I hope the club does well, please join. ^^-
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Submitted on
August 16, 2009