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:iconchibinitalyplz: Rules :iconchibisitalyplz:
:earth:you MUST love or at least like Hetalia (never heard on Hetalia? Wikipedia site ->…)
:earth:No racism towards other club members in any way (This includes racism, putting down other nations, disrespecting their culture, etc. Please note that if we have art of Nazi Germany or other possibly offensive regimes of WW2, this is not considered racism unless it is just...lynching or something, which should NOT IN ANY WAY have ANYTHING TO DO with Hetalia. So please don't comment about how offensive a swastika is. Part of Germany's history was WW2 and Nazism, please PLEASE respect that. If you have any qualms with it, as always, note the original artist, not the club)
:earth:Respect each other, you know, common dA rules and such
:earth:If you break rules you will be forgiven, for a time, UNLESS you keep consistently breaking the rules, in which case you will be removed and ignored from the club (you cannot join again)
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October 25, 2009


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