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:iconchibitaliaplz: Goal/Purpose :iconhreplz:
:earth:my goal in creating this club/group was to help unite the Hetalia fanbase (or even the whole world) into something that we all enjoy doing without any hate or racism, and still realizing that each of us is different, and that there are more people in this world then it sometimes seems
:earth:to learn about other countries, cultures, and their history among fellow members
:earth:to create friends around the world, knowingly, and to have fun amongst each other
:earth:to be able to discuss events around the world without a too harsh of judgement and to state your opinion without being hated

:iconchibilithuaniaplz: Challenge :iconchibipolandplz:
:earth:I have a challenge for all the members of this club :heart: don't worry it isn't really hard or anything, but if you can find the time to do it you would be considered godly awesome (but it's not like you are not already awesome)
:earth:Often times the song named 'Maru Kaite Chikyuu' is considered the theme for Hetalia, most people listen to this song for the fun of it without knowing, or caring about the 'inner meaning' of it, but that is what this challenge is about
:earth:basically you draw a circle, gather your friends up, and you each take turns painting inside the circle, trying to capture the world's beauty inside of it, but each person can only make one, I repeat ONE stroke of the paintbrush, then have them write their username/nickname/pen name/regular name (please choose only one) outside of the circle (so that all people are given credit for a part of the finished piece) and then write something that represents the group that helped create it on the top (or bottom, it doesn't really matter)
:earth:and just for the laughs, on a separate piece on paper have your friends draw their favorite food, drink, and have them write something completely random, and when I say completely random I MEAN IT! (example: 'let's have a toast with our boots!')
:earth:it doesn't matter if the other people on it are in the club, or even like Hetalia, this is just for fun, and to display how you are united to create what you are, and where you live
:earth: this challenge is only for fun, and is NOT required to be in this club
:earth: if you do do this please send me a link to it, because I would like to see it :3
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  • Listening to: Maru kaite Chikyuu (all versions)
  • Reading: Axis Powers Hetalia
  • Watching: Axis Powers Hetalia
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Submitted on
August 16, 2009