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:iconchibigermanyplz: Joining :iconchibijapanplz:
:earth:It's annoying to see all those comments asking to join, so to join send a note, or just click the join group thing above, and while you're at it tell us why you love/like Hetalia, and which country your from (but be warned it may get posted in a journal later on >:3)
:earth:Once I approve the note/join you are in!
:earth:Just for the fun of it I will try to organize members by countries you LIVE in [This may change later on: If a large amount of numbers are in, but it may be easier than alphabetical order.]
:earth:If you do not want the country you are from to be shown then you can tell me the country you would LIKE to live in and I will put you under there
:earth:If you don't tell me which country you (would like to) live in then you will be under 'alien' (but 'alien' may change for the fun of it as well)
:earth:It would be appreciated if you put this club's icon, name, or link in your journal/signature

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