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:new:This club now has a fair number of people now, and so I would like to (officially) open the World Events Journal, and to open it we need a topic to discuss, since I am low on inspiration I'll let you suggest the topics! If there is a popular topic I'll make that the topic in here. If not we can vote!:new:

:iconchibiaustriaplz: World Events Journal :iconchibihungaryplz:

:earth:One of my goals, as I said before, is to talk about world events without being too harshly judged and to state your opinion without being hated, so to do that there will be a world events journal

:earth:Be open-minded about topics
:earth:All opinions are accepted
:earth:No name calling or arguing (if this happens you will be breaking the rule of racism and removed from the club)
:earth:Try to understand both sides of the story, this way it will lead to less fighting
:earth:If your opinion differ from someone else's please just calmly tell them why you think they are wrong, no fighting!

no topic currently

:iconchibispainplz: Rules for suggesting topics :iconchibiromanoplz:
:earth:If there are and topics going on in the world that you would like to discuss with the rest of the world send me a note about the topic, a little about it, and anything I should mention in the journal, and it might get into the world events journal
:earth:This may include history
:earth:Please suggest topics that people around the world will actually care about, or even have heard about
:earth:When giving details please do not show strong emotions towards either side, just straight facts please
:earth:They have to be real events

Other suggested topics:
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